"Everybody can practice yoga. Yoga should be adapted to the individual rather than the individual to yoga. The teacher should teach what he or she knows and give what the other can receive."
T. Krishnamacharya

My yoga journey began in 2008 leading to the completion of my RYT200 yoga certification with Yoga Alliance in 2010.  I have continued my training working towards my 500 hour certification and taking numerous workshops nationally.  Recently I became interested in the mechanics of the body allowing me advancement in training participating in certification with "Nutritious Movement", a program developed by Katy Bowman, a biomechanist based in Washington state.

Elaine Vancoughnett

Elaine Vancoughnett

With my yoga training and hands on experience with cancer patients through the University of Calgary, along with Restorative Yoga, and enhanced with the meditation technique of Yoga Nidra training, I have found that Realignment Yoga offers more manageable options for people with limited range movements.

Realignment Yoga is a practice that integrates the breath, body and mind, not only during class time, but also creates awareness of proper movement in a person's daily life activities.

Your participation in these classes is an accepting and non judgemental  environment for all.

"I was looking for a yoga class that wasn't focused on a fashion statement or who had the better twist or bend in the class.  But rather an accepting class for all fitness levels focusing on proper breathing, balance and awakening muscles that have long been unused. I enjoy Elaine's calm, contemplative teachings which often includes a descriptive understanding of the yoga pose and how it relates to our muscular systems.  I am able to take this new awareness and easily fit the movements into my daily exercise routine."  Lorri W.