My Story:

While on vacation in Mexico, stiff and sore, I attended yoga classes.  After two weeks, I was hooked.  I knew this was something I had to continue.  I found a Yoga Teacher with the qualifications and the teaching style I was looking for.  With her guidance, I continued on my path as a student, then later into teacher training.

Training taught me to how to get to the end result of poses, with modifications and props to help in  the journey.  While teaching I began to notice that even through this journey there were some poses that didn't benefit everyone.   At times I would see struggle, or discouragement.  I would often hear the comment, "I've tried yoga, but just can't do it." 

This got me thinking, we all have the same parts and if yoga is for everyone, regardless of shape and size, what and why is this happening?  What's going on below the surface?

While attending a workshop in Alberta, a friend suggested looking into Katie Bowman's work in Biomechanics.  It began to all make sense to me.  Like the chain reaction of our muscles in movement, it lead me straight to her training which filled the void. 

Completing my Nutritious Movement (TM) Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist training in 2017, my focus has changed to an anatomy based movement class.

As humans, we are designed to move.



My Goal

To help you move better.

To teach what is accessible to you.




My training will continue as a movement and yoga instructor.  It's my obligation to pass on tools and insite that I've received to allow your body to return to natural and functional movement.

  • November 2012  - Completed 200 hour yoga training - Namaskar Yoga, Saskatoon, SK & RYT200 Registered Yoga Alliance Certified.
  • August 2013 - Registered in 500 Hour Teacher Training with Yoga for Today, Sherwood Park, AB
  • January 2014 - Yoga Thrive Teacher Training, Research Based Therapeutic Yoga Program for Cancer Survivors, Developed at the University of Calgary; Facilitated by Tyla Arnason, The Yoga Effect & Dr. S. Nicole Culos-Reed, PhD
  • November 2016 - ERYT200 Yoga Alliance Certified with over 1,000 hours teaching experience.
  • October 2017 - Nutritious Movement (TM) certified Restorative Exercise Specialist